L-Glutathione Ampoule 5ml Cathy Doll

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Glutathione alopecia serum effectively. That helps to brighten up. 
Thoroughly All skin molecules with quality ingredients. Help drive away dullness. 
The results shine skin. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid 40% strengthens the skin’s moisture and  fat 
cells to lock long.
And a mixture. L-Glutathione, Witch Hazel and Allantoin help to relax the skin. 
The value of L-glutathione Contains Beta-Glucan and De-collagen Hydrolysis Rise 
to moisturize skin. And tighten pores. Smoothes and tightens the complexion.  The selection is good. In Alzheimer’s Disease Help maintain a long-lasting moisture balance to the skin.
Niacin amide and Arbutin blend 
to enhance the effectiveness of the main ingredients to produce more radiant skin than ever before.
To use: Apply almond grease after cleansing. 
Can be used in conjunction with other products such as Essence Cream lotion if you need more maintenance.